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Prince Fielder trips over first base in latest base path misadventure (video)


Prince Fielder isn’t the most svelte baseball player — not that there’s anything wrong with that — which in turn means he isn’t the most agile nor is he the most fleet of foot. But in the past week or so, he has stumbled through two bouts of comical baserunning misadventures. The most recent one, on Thursday in a game against the Oakland Athletics, involved the Texas Rangers slugger tripping over first base and belly-flopping in the dirt during an admirable but unsuccessful effort to leg out a single on a ground ball put in play in the infield.

Perhaps the best part of the entire scene is when after Fielder regained his composure and got to his feet he pointed up into the stands in Globe Life Park in Arlington, jokingly indicating he had identified the location of the sniper who took him out.

It was just last week that Fielder suffered another base path mishap when he completely wiped out as he uncontrollably rounded third base, dropping to the ground like a bag of dirt, much to the amusement of his teammates … and even himself.

Keep on trucking, Prince Fielder. Between him and and the at-bat hijinks of the New York Mets’ Bartolo Colon, the beefiest of ballplayers sure are keeping the game a joy to watch.

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