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Michael Irvin says he’s worried about friend, former colleague Warren Sapp


Warren Sapp’s personal life took yet another troubling turn for the worse this week and his former NFL Network colleague Michael Irvin admitted he’s worried about his longtime friend.

“Absolutely I am,” Irvin said during an interview on Dan Le Batard’s radio program. “I worry about him, man. There’s no doubt. I worry about him a lot and I tell him that.”

Sapp, who was embroiled in a previous controversy due to an incident involving prostitutes during Super Bowl week — something that resulted in his firing at NFL Network — is sadly back in the news after a criminal complaint was filed Thursday in Las Vegas Justice Court. Sapp is charged with three domestic battery misdemeanors related to an April incident in which he is accused of biting his girlfriend’s finger and stepping on her head.

Sapp cut a deal in the prostitution case, pleading guilty to one count of solicitation and one count of assault. He was ordered to attend a “Prostitution Solicitation Diversion Program” and an anger management course. He was also ordered to pay restitution to the prostitutes involved in the incident — $150 going to one and $1,171.24 to the other.

In this latest case, however, things may not end so easily for the Hall of Famer, as Sapp faces a possible 18 months in jail if convicted.

But Irvin seems to be standing by his friend, who he was frequently paired with during broadcasts of the NFL Network’s pregame show, partly due to their shared affiliation and history with the Miami Hurricanes football program, as well as their boisterous and gregarious personalities.

“I’m texting him all the time and a guy always goes, ‘man, I’m good man, I’m good, it ain’t nothing” he said. “You always say that, but you worry.”

Given Sapp’s criminally erratic behavior of late, some friends may decide to turn their backs on him, so he should be grateful for Irvin’s public statement of support.

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