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Tide also trying to capitalize on Nationals’ chocolate syrup celebrations


The celebratory and sticky chocolate syrup-based post-game antics employed by the Washington Nationals this season has caught the baseball world by storm. It apparently also is viewed as something of a savvy marketing opportunity for a handful of big-time corporate brands.

It was learned a few weeks ago that Hershey’s has capitalized on its integral role in the Nationals’ post-win revelry — teammates have been routinely dousing the so-called hero of the game with chocolate syrup ever since Max Scherzer came up with concept earlier in the season — providing the goods to the team, 108 bottles and counting.

It now looks like Tide now is joining the fray as well.

It was recently explained by Nationals clubhouse officials exactly how the staff manages to get the syrupy stains out of the players’ jerseys. The laundering process entails a two-hour procedure, during which the clubhouse staff soaks the jerseys in a mixture of Tide and hot water, then scrub the soiled duds with baseball-specific detergent Slide Out. After the two-step treatment, the jerseys are laundered as usual. All this is done three times and then — voila! — sparkling clean jerseys emerge.

Once Tide caught wind of its role in the stain-removal process, it quickly jumped on the opportunity to pimp its product, posting a video on Twitter of a gentlemen getting doused with chocolate syrup. The hashtag #GetsItOut is included in the tweet.

Pretty savvy stuff. There is no word if some kind of partnership will evolve out of the tweet, but both the laundry detergent brand and the ball club surely could benefit from one.

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