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Minor leaguer Darin Mastroianni has outfield wall fall on him (video)


It certainly wasn’t as wild and crazy as when Rodney McCray crashed through an outfield wall way back in 1991, but Darin Mastroianni became the latest minor leaguer to suffer an outfield wall mishap while chasing down a deep fly ball.

Mastroianni, who plays center field for the Syracuse Chiefs, the Triple-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals, was chasing down a batted ball by Matt Tuiasosopo of the Charlotte Knights during a recent game when not only did he run into the wall while making a heroic effort to make a catch, suffered a further indignity when the wall fell down upon him after he smashed into it.

Reports indicate that Mastroianni is relatively no worse for wear and remained in the game, although he took a little while to shake the cobwebs out. Right fielder Caleb Ramsey assisted Mastroianni, later doing his part to fix the broken wall.

But when it comes to outrageous outfield wall crashes, nothing will ever top the aforementioned incident when McCray not only crashed into one, he ran right through it.

Yowsers. It remains an amazing spectacle to behold all these years later.

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