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Patriots fan skips work to support Tom Brady, says, ‘He’s always in my heart’


Tom Brady obviously is beloved by New England Patriots fans and mostly has their full support in the appeal of his four-game suspension for his alleged role in the Deflategate scandal, the subsequent investigation and the damning findings contained in the Ted Wells report.

But who knew that Tommy Terrific could inspire such devotion that one Patriots fan, among several of the Brady backers who mobilized on Tuesday outside NFL’s New York offices apparently lied to his boss about his whereabouts so he could properly show his support?

Meet Wan Lin, a clearly die-hard Patriots fan and devoted supporter of Brady and defender of the quarterback’s righteousness. From Cranford, N.J., Lin actually requested the day off weeks ago so he could be on Park Avenue to support his hero, perhaps even getting a gander of Brady as he strolled into the NFL offices to state his case.

The problem for Lin is he may have misled his boss a bit with the reason he provided for missing work: He claimed he had issues at home, per a New York Daily News report. A rather questionable excuse given most folks aren’t aware of issues on the home front, you know, two weeks ahead of time.

But that’s all water under the bridge, at least to Lin. Because, you see, he practically considers Brady a member of his family, so in  a way the reason for his work absence are in part somewhat true … at least to him.

Lin, who had a “Free Brady” and “Deflate These” signs in tow, summarized his love for Brady as follows:

“He’s always in my heart,” Lin told the Daily News.

Fair enough.

Lin wasn’t the only Brady supporter standing outside NFL headquarters supporting their favorite quarterback, either. And their reasons for showing up carried a bit more of vitriolic vibe.

“This entire proceeding is a farce,” said Joe, a fan from Massachusetts who wouldn’t provide his last name, as transcribed by the Daily News. “It’s a terrible overreaction to try to reinstate some authority to the commissioner’s office. (Brady is) an easy scapegoat, somebody that is easily hate-able by other fan bases. And (the suspension came) without a tremendous amount of proof that anything happened at all.”

More photos from the scene on Tuesday.

Free Brady, indeed.

(top image via Daniel Popper/Twitter)