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Nationals tease fans with glimpse of Jayson Werth Chia Pet (photos)


The first 20,000 fans through the gate at Nationals Park for the Washington Nationals’ showdown with the Arizona Diamondbacks will be the lucky recipients of arguably one of the goofiest, off-the-wall but downright awesome giveaways in recent memory: A Jayson Werth Chia Pet.

That’s right, in honor of the outfielder’s impressive facial hair, the team will be giving away a Chia Pet where the “pottery that grows” aspect of the infamous, oddball, decorative plant thingamajig popularized in the 1980s will sprout an abundance of plant life from Werth’s face.

And also, his chest. But just a bit down there, though.

The Nationals teased the Jayson Werth Chia Pet giveaway item with a tweet…

… that directed fans to the team’s Snapchat account, where the following images were culled by D.C. Sports Bog.

jayson-werth-chia-pet jayson-werth-chia-pet-2 jayson-werth-chia-pet-3

Fantastic. One has to wonder how much cash these bad boys will fetch on eBay in the days after the promotion.

It’s an indisputable fact that Jayson Werth’s beard is one of the most magnificent displays of facial hair in baseball, so it makes perfect sense for the Nationals to celebrate it in such a manner. It’s a source of constant discussion and is praised and celebrated to no end.

Even Werth’s teammate, Gio Gonzalez, whose own facial hair landed him an endorsement deal, recently referred to the outfielder’s beard as “beautiful.” Werth’s beard even has its own parody Twitter account (with over 17,000 followers) created in its hairy honor.

And this isn’t even the first time, either, that Werth’s glorious beard has been the source of a promotion — or a significant aspect of one — within the Nationals organization. There have been Jayson Werth Garden Gnomes and Bobblebeards. Last year, the Potomac Nationals, a Class-A affiliate, gave away a “Jayson Werth Wolf-a-Rine,” which definitely paid tribute to the ballplayer’s hair-raising personality.

And who among us can help but dig this kind of epic tribute, a Photoshop likening Werth to the mythological beast in “The NeverEnding Story”?


Yeah, that’s the good stuff.