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Derek Jeter, Hannah Davis allegedly went dutch on pizza date in Rome


Derek Jeter and model girlfriend Hannah Davis currently are in the midst of enjoying their own personal “Roman Holiday” as the longtime supercouple vacation in the Italian capital, which comes on the heels of their gallivanting about Japan and taking in a sumo match back in March.

And while their globetrotting arguably is an intriguing enough aside in its own right — maybe — the rumor that Jeter and Davis split the bill and went dutch after enjoying a pizza date at an eatery near the Spanish Steps in Rome certainly will pique the interest of some.

According to a report from the New York Daily News, after Jeter and his gal pal feasted upon their slices, they requested the tab be split. The two reportedly paid their portion of the meal with their respective American Express Black cards.

The report notes that Davis earns somewhere in the range of $5 million annually for her modeling work — not to mention the DirecTV ads in which she co-stars with a talking horse — but Jeter obviously has earned far more money throughout his Hall of Fame baseball career. And that’s not even taking into account the many lucrative endorsement deals he still enjoys, much less the money he’s raking in from his post-retirement business endeavors.

Jeter has stayed remarkably busy following his retirement as he has continued to diversify his portfolio with investments that have included opening up a food truck, a planned restaurant in the Tampa International Airport and perhaps most amusing of all, his involvement with a clothing company that specializes in underwear referred to as “Tempur-Pedic banana hammocks,” of all things.

But obviously the most important aspect of this story is that Jeter is progressive enough to realize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having his millionaire girlfriend pay her way when dining out.

(image via Rob Iracane/Twitter)