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Harold Reynolds: Alex Rodriguez buys every Yankees rookie three suits (video)


MLB Network’s Harold Reynolds revealed an interesting anecdote about Alex Rodriguez that demonstrates that despite the constant vilification of the New York Yankees slugger, there is a side to him rarely seen by fans and perhaps even the media.

Reynolds relayed a story about how Rodriguez has made it a practice for years to buy three new suits for each arriving Yankees rookie.

“Every rookie since 2004 whose come through that clubhouse, he buys them three suits,” Reynolds reports. “Because they’re coming to the big leagues, they gotta dress up. And he takes them down to Portabella … hooks ’em up. Every rookie. Think about last year, all the turnover. They had what, 13-14 guys get called up last year. He’s done this since 2004…”

Rodriguez continues to make the remarkable and arguably unfathomable transformation from baseball’s biggest pariah and perhaps the most despised figure in professional sports into an antihero of near-mythic proportions. Yet another story (like this one) regarding the generosity he displays behind closed doors and how he conducts himself behind the scenes makes A-Rod practically a player worth … admiring, even cheering for? Now that’s a notion most folks would have scoffed at in previous years, if not in recent months.

Perhaps the fact that Rodriguez arguably is staring in what could turn out to be one of the biggest redemption stories in the history of professional sports is reason enough for the ballhawk who is holding A-Rod’s 3,000th hit ball for ransom to turn it over to its rightful owner. Or perhaps not.

[H/T Black Sports Online, video via Kenny Ducey/Twitter]