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Pregnant White Sox fan paints baby bump with team logo (photo)


Female sports fans with child have been known from time to time to utilize their baby bumps to show how they ascribe to the adage that you “gotta support the team,” and that face and/or body painting is one of the best ways to go about it. Add this pregnant Chicago White Sox fan to that list.

Bonus points go to her for incorporating a message on her shirt to compliment how her belly is painted with the White Sox logo. As you can see, she has total confidence that she is carrying a future ChiSox fan and that once born, boy or girl, her child will be a South Sider.

As noted above, this isn’t the first time a woman has used her baby bump to showcase their support for their favorite team. As Los Angeles Angels fan painted her belly to resemble a baseball back in 2013. And it’s not limited to baseball fans, either, as a pregnant New York Knicks fan decorated her baby bump to look like a basketball last year.

But the team logo is a good one. Well done, lady ChiSox fan.

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