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It’s safe to say Paulina Gretzky has shed all that pregnancy weight (pic)


While it’s obviously not the biggest nor most important story going on in the sports world, but a photograph posted to Instagram by Paulina Gretzky certainly will be a big talker in the coming days … given it demonstrates that she has had no problem shedding all weight from her recent pregnancy.

Gretzky, the fiancĂ©e of PGA Tour star Dustin Johnson and daughter of “The Great One” himself, posted an Instagram pic in which she is rocking a teenie-weenie, two-piece bikini, only five months after giving birth to son Tatum in January.

“Lounging,” Gretzky writes in the post.


The couple’s long-term relationship appeared at the onset to be a catalyst to exacerbate Johnson’s purported troubles with drugs and alcohol given Gretzky’s hard-partying ways, but it later appeared to transform into a solid foundation from which the golfer got his life back on track after taking a leave of absence from the Tour for a significant stretch of time. Some speculated it was due to a suspension for failing a drug test, something Johnson vehemently denies to this day.

He also recently stated seeing Gretzky and their son following a tournament was the “best part of the day.” This pic of his young son rocking a brilliant shirt probably served as a highlight as well. But perhaps seeing his better half looking drop dead magnificent in a bikini probably made his day as well.