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Patrons reportedly will be allowed to bring marijuana into U.S. Open

In light of how the recreational use of marijuana is legal in the State of Washington, some have wondered whether patrons would be allowed to bring it into Chambers Bay in University Place, Wash., the site of the 2015 U.S. Open.

It turns out it’s all good, ya dig?

SB Nation’s Brian Floyd, reporting from Chambers Bay, is the source of this interesting and enlightening information. And he gleaned the knowledge by apparently approaching a member of the powers-that-be and simply asking about it.

It “[t]urns out fans are allowed to come through the security gates with marijuana — bags are run through scanners and anyone entering the grounds has to walk through metals detectors after emptying pockets at checkpoints around the perimeter of the course,” Floyd writes, adding, “are allowed to possess marijuana on the grounds at Chambers Bay. If they come to the gates with it, volunteers were told to let them go through.”

Floyd reports that volunteers who will work the Open at Chambers Bay were briefed on the very topic prior to the golf world at large descending upon the course. It is important to mention, though, that simply because patrons can bring pot onto the grounds does not mean there will be a gigantic toke-fests springing up around every green and tee box. Floyd notes that while possession of marijuana in Washington is completely legal, its consumption in public is not. Therefore, the notion that folks will be able to bring marijuana into the U.S. Open is more or less much ado about nothing.

But considering the criticism of the questionable conditions of the course — U.S. Open courses are consistently the toughest tracks in tournament golf, but some have opined that Chambers Bay is outright ridiculous (the PGA Tour refers to Chambers Bay as offering a “unique” test — some person’s stash just might be the best grass anyone sees at the tournament. To wit:


One development that may arise out of the fact that some people have pot on their person is that now when some imbecilic fan screams “Mashed potatoes!” after a golfer tees off, we’ll be left to question their exact motivations, as it may be more of an outward expression that they have a case of the munchies … as opposed to, well, just some yahoo yelling stupidly inane stuff for the sake of it.

(image credit: PGA Tour)