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Golfer foolishly tries to retrieve ball from under crocodile , pays the price (video)


The presence of alligators and crocodiles on golf courses certainly is not a new development — nor it is a unique occurrence —  and there are plenty of wild and wacky videos (here and here, for example) that establishes that reality. In a nearly tragic documentation of Darwinism at work, a golfer foolishly attempted to retrieve a golf ball from a creek. The problem with this seemingly innocent enough act is that the golf ball just so happened to come to rest underneath a crocodile.

Presumably undeterred by the risk of losing life and/or at least limb, watch as he tries to distract the croc with what appears to be a towel before straddling the beast … and that’s when this situation really gets out of hand. The golfer who apparently could not part with a precious ball pays the price, as the reptile appears to lock its jaws down upon the guy’s arm.

Yamma hamma. Not the wisest of moves. He’s extremely lucky he didn’t end up like this guy. Sheesh.

As noted by Andrew Doughty at Next Impulse Sports, the sheer stupidity of such an endeavor makes one wonder if this actually is a real video. But it certainly looks authentic … authentically idiotic.