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Stephen Curry brilliantly shuts down trolling tweet from Skip Bayless


Stephen Curry is riding high, basking in the afterglow of he and his Golden State Warriors teammates securing an NBA championship after finally vanquishing a surprisingly stubborn Cleveland Cavaliers courtesy of their Game 6 road win in the NBA Finals.

While most pundits are praising the exploits of the NBA MVP as he led the Warriors franchise to its first title in 40 years, there are always nattering nabobs of negativity lurking in the shadows, ready to strike in troll-like fashion, especially on the Trollerdome that is social media.

And when there’s trolling afoot, one needn’t look any further than ESPN’s Skip Bayless, the sports media world’s patron saint of purposeful provocation. Bayless has developed a reputation for debasing and denigrating the dialogue for seemingly no other reason than to simply be heard, so it’s no surprise he had some negative comments to make about Curry and company.

Obviously, Bayless has every right to shamelessly peddle his baiting punditry — and perhaps there is even more than a kernel of truth to his comments. But Curry was having nothing of it, offering up a polite but firm — not to mention comically affectionate — retort to Bayless’ negativity.

Boom. Curry clearly doesn’t suspect that Bayless shares the same flattering sentiments that he erroneously believes those ESPN cafeteria workers have of him in that “SportsCenter” commercial.

If Stephen Curry had a theme song for Wednesday, it would be Matthew Wilder’s cheesy ’80s classic, “Break My Stride.” In other words, nobody’s gonna slow him down, not even a typical troll job by one Skip Bayless.

[H/T UPROXX, image credit: YouTube]