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Vince Wilfork sports ‘World’s Greatest Farter … I Mean Father’ shirt (pic)


Vince Wilfork is spending his first offseason with a team other than the New England Patriots after signing a two-year deal with the Houston Texans back in March. It appears he wanted to demonstrate to the reporters who will cover him this upcoming season that he is lovable, free-spirited guy with quite the sense of humor. He accomplished this by rocking a shirt which proclaims that not only is he a great father but apparently is pretty gifted on the flatulence front as well.

During a press conference on Tuesday, the 11-year NFL veteran proudly sported a shirt that bore the message, “World’s Greatest Farter … I Mean Father.”

Awesome. Talk about a gas, right?

He explained the shirt as follows: “This was a Father’s Day gift a couple years ago,” Wilfork said Tuesday, via a video on the Texans official site. “[The photo on the shirt] is me and my son on the plane … Neither one of us budged that day so that was a long plane ride.”

Given that neither Wilfork nor his son made a move on the long plane ride in question, perhaps it is reasonable to assume that the defensive lineman wasn’t demonstrating his innately impressive farting ability. Just a sneaking suspicion.

In the end (no pun intended), Wilfork probably takes far more pride in that he is considered the world’s greatest father by his three children than whether or not he can boast to being the best farter on the planet. Although that’s not a bad title to hold, either.

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