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Blackhawks fans honor tradition, TP Joel Quenneville’s house (pics)


For the third time in six seasons, the Chicago Blackhawks are Stanley Cup champions after dispatching the Tampa Bay Lightning in six games courtesy of a 2-0 victory at United Center on Monday night. And the team’s fans respected what has become a time-honored tradition to commemorate championship glory during this dynastic run: TP’ing head coach Joel Quenneville’s home in Hinsdale, Ill.

Fans descended upon the coach’s house in the quiet Chicago suburb and rained toilet paper down all over the property. And it wasn’t just a handful of diehards who showed up. The Chicago Tribune reports approximately 150 fans were on hand to turn the neighborhood into a makeshift party scene.

Michaela Neal, 20, lives down the street and says she has been present at the celebratory TP parties in 2010, 2013 and again on Monday night.

“I’ve been here each time they’ve won it,” she told the Tribune. “It allows the town to celebrate.”

Neal added that the Quennevilles haven’t been left in the lurch following previous TP’ing parties as neighborhood kids would spend subsequent days cleaning up the mess. It’s expected the same response will occur this time around.

“The whole (Quenneville) family is very nice, and people here respect coach’s privacy,” she said.

Tai Dubauskas, 12, also of Hinsdale, soaked the scene in as he joined in on the revelry.

“It’s like a giant party,” he said. “It’s exciting to be here.”

So long as the youngster is part of toilet paper cleanup crew in the coming days, it’s all good.

(top image credit: SB Nation/Twitter