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LeBron James’ secret motivation talk now a joke among Cavs teammates


The sports world has been speculating for days now about what possibly could be the secret motivation LeBron James cryptically alluded to when discussing what is fueling his statistically absurd pursuit of another NBA title. It turns out even his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates don’t know what is driving their leader, but they are nevertheless having some fun with the debate.

While analysts, pundits and fans ruminate over what James characterized as his “other motivation” to again hoisting the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy (before declining to divulge it’s nature), it turns out the King’s teammates are having a grand old time using his comments as comedic fodder.

USA Today’s Sam Amick writes that Cavs players have taken notice that James has taken on an even fierier demeanor and keener focus during the Finals, they have nevertheless decided to have some fun with whatever is secretly motivating him.

The funny thing, though, is that even James’ teammates, coaches or team executives don’t know what his secret motivation is. It’s become a bit of a joke inside their locker room, a brilliant way to keep the mood light and fear-free when his teammates keep asking him on a loop, “Is it me? Am I your secret motivation. It’s me, isn’t it?”

James obviously is playing an unbelievable, never-before-seen brand of basketball in these Finals, — a series in which the Cavaliers have taken a 2-1 lead after essentially being left for dead after Kyrie Irving’s injury in Game 1, mostly thanks to LeBron’s heroics — and it seems his teammates are feeding off James in each and every way … from his leadership both on and off the court, his stellar play and even cryptic comments made in the face of adversity, a state in which the Cavaliers found themselves after dropping Game 1 and staring down an arguably series-making obstacle in a Game 2 on their opponent’s home court.

Of course, James again rose to the occasion and led his squad to a critical victory, setting up another display of heroics that are reaching historic proportions.

(image via USA Today)