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LeBron James has no reaction to Stephen Curry downplaying his impact


Following the Golden State Warriors’ 96-91 loss in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Stephen Curry attempted to downplay LeBron James’ impact  — no matter how motivated he supposedly is — after the Cleveland Cavaliers’ superstar almost single-handedly resurrected his team’s championship aspirations after they lost both Game 1 and Kyrie Irving in one overtime session to start the series.

Curry argued that instead of James’ near-historic statistical performances lifting Cleveland to two consecutive victories, it was Golden State stumbling out of the gates and poor starts on the offensive end that has put his team behind the eight ball from the get-go.

“I mean, we all know the accolades he has,” Curry said after the game as transcribed by Northeast Ohio Media Group’s Joe Varndon. “He’s a great player. He’s shooting an OK percentage (shaking his hand for effect) in our eyes. He’s getting up a lot of attempts, and anybody that’s that much of a volume shooter, which he needs to be for his team, he’s going to have points. But the timely ones are the ones that killed us.

“The three late in the fourth quarter, certain easy buckets that you allow him to get. But that’s not the issue why we’re down 2-1 right now. It’s the way we’re playing on the offensive end, especially to start games. We’ll fix that as we try to even the series.”

Curry obviously attempted to avoid any poking, prodding and further provoking of a giant who already has been stirred from a pseudo-slumber (if that was ever indeed the case in the first place) by giving James his due, albeit in a backhanded manner.

Still, it’s clear the Warriors star is trying to inspire his teammates to believe in themselves and their ability instead of gawking in disbelief at the exploits of the juggernaut James, believing there is nothing they can do to stem his statistically absurd surge.

James, meanwhile, was unwilling to say much on Curry’s observations, except to point out that the comment about being a volume shooter doesn’t tell the entire story.

“I don’t have a reaction” James said when informed of Curry’s comments. “I’m just trying to do whatever it takes to help our team win. If it’s high-volume shooting, if it’s high rebounding, if it’s high assists, whatever it takes to help our team.”

It’s of course understandable for Curry to avoid sitting stunned and slack-jawed at his press conference while offering excessive praise upon one of his opponents. It’s up to him to help right Golden State’s ship, and by refusing to give all the credit to James for his team’s 2-games-to-1 hole makes perfect sense in that regard.

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