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Kobe Bryant endorses LeBron James’ high-volume shooting in NBA Finals


Kobe Bryant on Tuesday night took to Twitter to express his support over how LeBron James is taking an insane amount of shots during the NBA Finals, suggesting quite colorfully that one can’t score if one does not shoot.

As a tweet from NBA Stats explains, after dropping 40 points on 14-for-34 shooting in the Cavaliers’ 96-91 Game 3 win over the Warriors (notching an arguably surprising 2-1 series lead), James is averaging 41.0 points per game in the first three games of the NBA Finals. James’ 123 points is the most-ever over that same stretch, requiring the superstar to jack-up and astounding 117 shots.

It’s safe to say whatever his so-called secret motivation is to winning these Finals, it’s sufficiently fueling him on the court.

Bryant, a high-volume shooting shooter in his own right, suggests that a true gunslinger knows what it takes to win a shootout and when to fire.

For what it’s worth, Bryant also took to social media during the NBA postseason to marvel at the talents of Stephen Curry, so at least the Lakers superstar is being diplomatic in his dispensing of playoff praise.

James himself made note that he is taking an overabundance of shots.

“117 shots in three games is out of my character,” James told ESPN after Game 3. “But I have no choice.”

Of course, it’s hardly surprising Kobe would support the notion that a team’s biggest star should be taking the biggest (and most) shots during a game, no matter the situation. In James, Bryant sees a kindred, heavy-shooting spirit.

Bryant similarly came to the defense of Russell Westbrook and his high-volume shooting during the regular season when he strapped the Thunder on his back in an unsuccessful quest to qualify for the postseason after the OKC lineup was ravaged by injuries.

Further, given the manner in which Cavaliers’ lineup also has been depleted by injuries, James has had little choice but to shoulder the load on offense … which he has in statistically mind-boggling ways. James has played a role — either by scoring, assisting or creating — an unbelievable 200 of the 291 points for the Cavaliers through the first three games of the Finals.

Let if fly, indeed.

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