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Justin Verlander posts saccharine-sweet birthday message for Kate Upton


Wednesday marks the 23rd birthday of Kate Upton and longtime boyfriend Justin Verlander sent her some thoughtful, but almost sickeningly saccharine, sentiments to commemorate the special event.

The Detroit Tigers pitcher posted to Instagram a hippy-dippy, tie-dyed photograph of the supermodel along with the message, “Happy birthday @kateupton! I hope your day is as amazing as you are!”

Awww … too cute. But let’s be honest: Most guys who would aspire to date one Kate Upton obviously would go to similar lengths to make sure she always knows how much she is appreciated.

The sweet online courtship that has been going on between Verlander and Upton during their relationship has been well-documented and sufficiently covered, so it’s no surprise that pitcher portrayed his supermodel gal pal in such a flattering manner. Some would even say she deserves it, although it’s a far cry from Upton’s sarcastic social media musings about Verlander when the two briefly split up a few years ago.

Furthermore, after one is captured on video performing a lip-sync serenade of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” for their true love — as Verlander was in an Instagram video posted by Upton herself…


A video posted by Kate Upton (@kateupton) on

… well, there’s really no turning back, nor is there any reason to hold back in posting arguably cheesy but considerate birthday sentiments.

In all seriousness, staying apprised of  “The Charmed Life and Romantic Times of Uplander” — a suitable celebrity supercouple moniker (if there ever was one) — is an enjoyable aside. And it provides evidence that if Verlander were able to expand upon his birthday wishes to Upton by perhaps a stanza or two or three, he would make one heckuva greeting card writer.

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