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Female Warriors fan screams vile things at LeBron James after Game 2 (vid)


After witnessing LeBron James’ otherworldly heroics in Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday, an evidently disgusted female Golden State Warriors fan with the mouth of a sailor dropped some vile smack talk on the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar as he walked off the court, screaming, “Lebron, how does it feel to be a pussy ass bitch?”

Perhaps the best part of the video is how James turned and stared daggers in her direction, something that presumably scared the wits out of the woman.


And if that didn’t do it, the Oracle Arena security staffer who also took notice of the fan’s potty mouth and hollered, “Hey! Watch your mouth, woman! Watch your mouth, woman!” before giving her some kind of warning. She instantly turned pretty sheepish after witnessing James’ death glare and the admonishment of arena security, presumably meaning she will think twice before loudly uttering vulgarities at an opposing team’s players.


Granted, it was in the heat of the moment, and let’s be fair: Far , far worse, vile and hateful things have been spewed at rival players by trash-talking fans. It’s simply unfortunate for this very passionate fan that her vulgarities were captured on video. But that’s the day and age we live in now.

In other words, don’t say anything in public that you’re unwilling to stand by afterward. Even if witnessing LeBron James rip out your favorite NBA team’s hearts with yet another postseason triple-double has left you in an uncontrollable, foul-mouthed rage.

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