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Bryce Harper says it takes 30 minutes to style his hair before games (vid)


Bryce Harper clearly is a man who cares about his appearance, as he claimed it requires a half-hour of styling and primping to get his hair right before ballgames.

The Washington Nationals slugger made an appearance on MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk” on Tuesday before a showdown with the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium — his first game at the home ballpark of his favorite childhood team (during which he hit a homer) — when he admitted his high-maintenance hairstyling.

The details of his pregame hair care routine came about after Harper was asked how difficult it is to get chocolate syrup out of his hair, which of course is in reference to the Nationals’ messy celebratory routine of dousing the game’s hero with the sweet treat, something that evolved into Hershey’s agreeing to supply the team with their beloved cocoa-based condiment.

“It takes a lot less than it does to get ready for a game,” Harper explained to hosts Chris Rose and Kevin Millar, as transcribed by D.C. Sports Bog. “Seriously, it takes me about 30 minutes to do my hair before a game. [Jayson Werth] takes a little bit of time, too. He’s got his Murray’s [pomade]. So he throws his Murray’s in there and lets it eat a little bit. As a team, I think we’re a pretty good-looking team, especially starting with J-Dub from the top with the beard. Scherzer with the two eyes, I mean, that’s incredible. That’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Drew Storen’s got the puppies, so you’ve got a puppy like that, you’re all good man.”

So, there you have it. It’s arguably absurd that Harper would spend so much time doing his hair before strapping on a baseball cap, something that invariably messes up all his efforts. At the same time, Harper may apply enough product that he develops a hair helmet atop his head which is impossible to muss up in any way.

Harper also discussed his now-famous selfie from a few weeks back, and even snapped a new selfie for the MLB Network folks as well (above). Harper described the moment whe he used a fan’s phone to snap the pic, saying, “It was awesome,” and adding, “It’s a lot of fun, being able to enjoy it with the fans a little bit.”

Especially if his hair if properly coiffed, of course.