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Angels select brother of Mike Trout’s girlfriend in 19th round of MLB Draft


The Los Angels Angles selected Aaron Cox, a pitcher/infielder out of Gannon University, with their pick in the 19th round of the Major League Baseball Draft. What makes the selection infinitely more interesting than most that come in the middling rounds of the draft is that the ballplayer picked just so happens to be the brother of Jessica Cox, the girlfriend of the team’s superstar, Mike Trout.

Trout and Cox were high school sweethearts, so odds are good Trout knows one of the newest members of the Angels farm system quite well. So it wasn’t a surprise at all that he tweeted out congrats to Cox.

There is obviously no reason to cry foul at the pick. There always has been and always will be a fair share of nepotism in the MLB Draft: Teams drafting the manager’s son, a star player’s little brother, etc. Further, the fact that baseball’s annual draft consists of an absurd 40 excruciating rounds leaves plenty of room for teams to make selections on the most tangential reasons, if for no reason at all.

This is exactly why teams will take a flier on a superstar football player — such as Jameis Winston and Russell Wilson (who actually has suited up for the Texas Rangers), to name a few — knowing full well that there is only a whisper of a chance that he will wind up playing baseball for them.

Ultimately, the Angels selecting the brother of Trout’s girlfriend is nothing more than a draft oddity, an interesting aside to what, given its magnitude and the fact that most players selected will never make it to the big leagues, is mostly a humdrum affair. It’s stories like this one — along with how the Pittsburgh Pirates selected players with Seinfeldian names in the first two rounds of the draft — that provides ordinary fans — beyond the diehards — some interesting fodder to discuss.

In other words, this is simply a case of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” just switching out a surname that is also a kind of meat with another. You know … Trout.

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