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Tony Romo rips NFL over its role in cancellation of fantasy football event


Tony Romo chastised the NFL on Tuesday over how it effectively strong-armed the cancellation of a fantasy football event scheduled for next month that the Dallas Cowboys quarterback was scheduled to host in Las Vegas, arguing that it seemed to be over money, not ethics or league standards.

The league never contacted Romo, his agent or the National Fantasy Football Convention, the quarterback says, but the NFLPA recently was reminded by the NFL the league’s policies toward gambling as well as the hosting of events at casinos.

“The NFL could have handled it in far better ways and there would have been a lot of issues that could have been resolved with the venue change or just wanting to be part of it,” Romo told ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, as transcribed in a report fromĀ The Dallas Morning News. “There’s 10 different ways to handle it and that part of it made it very frustrating for the people involved.”

Romo specifically noted how the abrupt cancellation of the event have left those who were to attend the three-day event in the lurch after they paid for airfare, hotel accommodations and the like.

In fact, Romo went on to suggest that perhaps it was a case of sour grapes on behalf of the NFL, amusingly comparing the league to a teenager left embittered by being frozen out of an invitation to a high school party.

Romo went on to suggest the league’s response may have been inspired by it not receiving a cut of the profits, although noting that he didn’t think the event “was going to break the NFL’s heart money-wise.”

“It does make it sound sometimes like it’s an issue about money,” he said.

Given how the NFL reaps huge rewards and benefits greatly from the near-insatiable thirst the league’s fans have for fantasy football, it does seem like it’s sudden hardline stance against the event is a bit disingenuous, something Romo believes as well.

“It’s just a very frustrating process that went down, when all they had to do was literally call me or actual event organizers at the NFFC, and that never took shape,” he said. “Instead, it was about almost scaring the people attending the event. That just seems silly to me. We could have been far more mature about this. That makes you think it was just about money, and that’s disappointing.”