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Phil Mickelson leaves $99 tip for kids at lemonade stand (video)


Phil Mickelson didn’t put up one of his best performances on the course over the weekend at the Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio, a 5-over 293 that landed him in a tie for 65th, but the golfer did something away from the course that only bolsters his reputation as an all-around good guy with fans. Leaving a $99 tip for a $1 glass of lemonade will do that.

Mickelson is renowned for being a generous tipper — he evidently gave out more than $10,000 in tips in one week to Winged Foot’s staff members at the 2006 U.S. Open — and on Saturday afternoon, Roland Van Karsen, 6, and his sister, eight-year-old Elise, became the latest benefactors of his proclivity for extravagant gratuities.

Roland and Elise had a lemonade stand set up on a street corner in Dublin when a white car rolled up. While Elise didn’t recognize the man, Roland did: It was Mickelson.

“All we were doing was sitting here, and all we saw was this white car drive up, and it was close, and he said ‘Can I have a glass of lemonade?’ and all it took was one little thing for him to give us a good tip,” Roland said, via a Columbus Dispatch report.

After drinking his lemonade, Mickelson thanked the kids and then gave Roland a folded up bill — one with Ben Franklin on it — before driving away.

The children assumed it was a $10 bill — a sufficiently generous tip in its own right — before realizing it was a $100 bill.

“I said ‘Whoa,’  ” Eloise recollected.

The kids’ mother, Ann, couldn’t believe it and praised Mickelson for his kind act.

“We didn’t take any pictures, we didn’t get any autographs,” she said. “It happened so fast that we were kind of stunned. What a great guy, though, right? So generous and the kids will have a memory like that forever.”

Mickelson obviously has the means to drop a $100 bill without giving it a second thought, but that does not mean he doesn’t deserve kudos for giving a couple of children and pretty thrilling day at their lemonade stand. And a result, the legend of Phil Mickelson grows.