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Report: Jim Harbaugh emasculated 49ers CEO Jed York in front of players


The tempestuous and dysfunctional relationship between Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ers front office ultimately resulted in the parties agreeing to go their separate ways, and that came despite the coach’s remarkable run of relative success. Reports continue to emerge that illustrate just how utterly toxic things became between Harbaugh and team executives, in particular his dealings with Niners CEO Jed York.

An unconfirmed report from Bay Area Sports Guy’s Kyle McLorg indicates that Harbaugh once publicly shamed York when the CEO walked in on a team meeting.

Ouch. If the allegation is true and was typical of how Harbaugh treated team executives — and given his brash personality, the story is arguably believable — it should come as no surprise that the fiery coach was considered a persona non grata by the 49ers and had to go. No organization should be expected to operate under these kind of of conditions. It obviously takes two to tango and it’s even possible York’s conduct made him a deserving target of Harbaugh’s ire. But to emasculate one’s boss in such an outright and embarrassing manner? That’s remarkable.

[H/T The Big Lead, image credit: USATSI]