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Stephen Curry’s wife Ayesha pens Time op-ed about Riley’s rise to stardom


One of the biggest breakout stars of the NBA postseason isn’t even a player. Instead, it’s Riley Curry, the precociously adorable two-year-old daughter of Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha.

Little Riley became an instant sensation the moment she joined her father on the podium at a post-game press conference, and the rest, as they say is history, as a toddler’s presence at a presser somehow became one of the biggest talkers of the postseason.

Ayesha Curry wrote an op-ed for Time magazine in which she discusses raising a child in the white-hot media spotlight and dispenses advice to parents who may encounter the similar experience the Curry’s currently are navigating: What to do if your child goes viral.

Curry, who is expecting, notes that her and her husband’s home life is a lot like other young parents, with “toys scattered everywhere,” but insists they are “extremely low maintenance, no fuss, and very relaxed.”

She specifically addresses how big of a story Riley’s appearance with her husband and the way in which it turned into a complete media firestorm, one the Warriors superstar admitted he didn’t quite understand.

Last week, Riley joined her father in a press conference, and some thought she stole the show. I thought it was beautiful, and I wouldn’t change a thing. There can be more than 50 people and 10 cameras—not counting camera phones—in the room during press conferences, so it can be overwhelming. But my husband handled his duties on the podium with ease and class. And my daughter was who she is—vibrant, spunky, and full of life. I hope she carries this with her through adulthood.

Stephen attends practice every day, and gives his all during the games on an almost-nightly basis. When that’s over, all he wants is to see his family, and on the day of that press conference, our daughter wanted to be with her father. I thought it was beautiful for him not to push his daddy duties to the bottom of the list just because all eyes were on him.

Riley has remained a media darling during the initial stages of the NBA Finals, with her every movement being tracked. Curry’s wife similarly is attracting a bit of attention thanks to how she slammed officials in a fiery tweet during Game 1. It’s safe to say the profiles of both Ayesha and Riley have risen as Stephen rises among the NBA elite.

[H/T Black Sports Online, top image credit: Wardale Curry/Instagram]