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Pittsburgh Pirates fan graciously gives souvenir baseball to little girl (video)


As noted elsewhere, it is arguably an adult’s moral obligation to give any souvenir ball to a child seated nearby. Sadly, there are some cretinous types who don’t ascribe to the philosophy, often demonstrating their aversion to generosity in a shamefully deplorable manner.

But what occurred during the Pittsburgh Pirates-San Francisco Giants game on Wednesday at AT&Park illustrates how one admirable fellow went above and beyond protocol to ensure one little girl’s enjoyable day at the ballpark was made that much better.

After snagging a foul ball, a Pirates fan realizes there are no little kids seated around him. But instead of pocketing the ball for himself — which he arguably could have done without breaching the aforementioned souvenir baseball protocol — he sought out the nearest child, a young girl seated on the other side of the section, and tossed her the souvenir.

Well played, awesome Pirates fan. The look on the little girl’s face is absolutely priceless.

Thoughtful acts such as this one should go a long way in restoring our faith in humanity, specifically as it relates to the often boorish behavior of fans.

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