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Jets veteran Willie Colon warns Geno Smith not to ‘crash’ team


Geno Smith hasn’t had the greatest start to his career and has conducted himself at times in such a manner that has caused some to wonder whether the third-year signal-caller has what it takes to deal with the rigors and demands of the NFL.

Not only have pundits, league insiders, analysts and fans taken notice of Smith’s struggles. So have his teammates. Or at least one of them.

Offensive guard Willie Colon, about to enter his ninth NFL season, pointed out with recent comments that Smith hasn’t produced as much as needed, nor has he consistently demonstrated that he but also acknowledged that the young quarterback may have been unfairly put on the field before he was ready.

Colon also observed that Smith’s career “is extremely turbulent” at this stage and that it might be finally time for him to take the next step. But Colon also acknowledged that Smith is experiencing “a maturation period you have to go through.”(via

“Now, Geno, with that said, has made his mistakes. He’s said some things where you look at him like, ‘What are you talking about?’ But I think that’s all about his maturation period,” Colon said, via “And I think right now, like [Cromartie] just mentioned, we bought the Porsche. We’ve given him the keys. He can’t crash it. Bottom line. He can’t crash it. We need him to be on top of his game. And we’re doing everything we can as an offensive line to make him comfortable back there.”

Colon clearly was critical of Smith with his comments, but also indicated the team has faith in his abilities and appreciates the effort he is putting in to improve as a quarterback.

Smith has shown flashes of being a competent quarterback, but has tempered any progress with bouts of immaturity and finger-pointing while playing the blame-game for his struggles.

The 2015 season will be a make-or-break year for Smith. And if he didn’t realize it on his own, it looks like his teammates are prepared to remind him.