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Huge dinosaur skeleton in Chicago won’t wear Blackhawks jersey this year (pic)


A 75-foot-tall brachiosaurus skeleton replica outside of the Field Museum in Chi-Town has been the Chicago Blackhawks’ biggest supporter during recent runs to the Stanley Cup courtesy of a ginormous custom ‘Hawks jersey draped across its body. But this year, unfortunately, that won’t be the case.

Sadly, the weather is to blame.

“The sweater we used last year took more of a ‘Chicago weather’¬†beating than we realized,” a Field spokeswoman told DNAinfo’s David Matthews via email.¬†“When we took it out this year, we learned we’d have to make a new one, and unfortunately, didn’t have the time to do so.”

The sweater was made by Gary Heitz of Chicago Scenic Studios and he indicated it can take up to 10 days to make a sweater that can fit a brachiosaurus.

But fear not, Chicagoans, as the bronze lion statues outside of the art institute will again be adorned with Blackhawks helmets for the team’s Stanley Cup showdown with the Tampa Bay Lightning beginning on Wednesday.

[H/T UniWatch, image credit: Flickr/Justin Zuure]