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Kyle Seager’s terrific catch potentially saves toddler from harm (video)


Seattle Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager chased down a ball in foul territory and made a terrific catch while leaning over the railing down the left field line during Monday’s tilt against the New York Yankees. But what makes the grab that much more impressive is how it may have spared a pacifier-toting toddler from getting drilled by the popup.

It’s unclear exactly if the ball would have descended in such a way that it would have hit the child directly, but it’s possible the ball, had Seager misjudged its path, would have at least caromed off something and potentially injured the little kid.

A toddler can’t be expected to keep their eyes glued to the action on the field, but it’s a good thing Seager was on the scene to spare any possibility of the youngster getting hurt.

One is left to wonder if the little tyke’s parent or guardian will be inspired to write Seager a thank-you note for saving the kid from harm in the same manner two youngsters did to express gratitude to PGA Tour star Jimmy Walker saving them from a flying golf ball.

[H/T Big League Stew, video via For the Win]