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Jimmy Walker receives cute notes from kids he saved from golf ball (pics)


PGA Tour player Jimmy Walker played the role of hero to some youngsters during the AT&T Byron Nelson Championship this past week and the two boys each wrote adorable thank-you notes to express their gratitude.

Walker apparently ushered one the boys out of the way of a flying golf ball that was descending upon them while taking part in what appears to have been Wednesday’s pro-am. Walker’s wife Erin posted images of the cute notes the boys sent to her husband.

The notes read as follows, reproduced exactly as they were written:

Dear Jimmy Walker,

I caddied at ATT Byron Nelson on Wednesday. Thank you for coming to the pro-am on 17th hole with me. Thank you for letting me be your caddie. I hope that you make the cut then win the tournement. I have some advice for you, breath. Remember to do your best. I am encouraging you to win. I will always remember when you saved my best friend from getting hit in the eye. You pushed him out of the way. Thanks!!! I hope you come next year.



And the note from the boy who Walker saved from getting hit in the eye.

Dear Jimmy Walker,

remember me? I was one of your caddy on Wednesday. It was fun being with you on the 17th hole.

It was fun being with you. I hope you make the cut. If you do, I want you to win.

When lots of people are making noise breath if your frusterated take your time and breath and do a good swing.

I will always remember you because you saved me from a hurling ball that was going to my face.

Thank you for playing in my tournament. I hope you make the cut Jimmy Walker.

From your jr caddie,

Carlos Montero


For the record, Walker did in fact make the cut at the tournament. He clearly was able to “breath” and not get “frusterated” and “do a good swing” on several occasions, as he finished in a tie for second along with Charlie Hoffmann behind winner Steven Bowditch.

For his great performance, Walker pocketed $530,133. But if Walker were asked, he might say the most valuable thing he got out of the tournament were the adorable letters written by two very appreciative young boys.

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