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Pete Carroll characterizes communication with Russell Wilson as ‘great’


Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll appeared to make an encouraging comment about the protracted contract negotiations between the team and quarterback Russell Wilson before clarifying his words and leaving the exact progress the parties have made quite unclear.

Carroll, not addressing any specifics, indicated things were progressing to the point that the sides were “very close.” However, he backtracked a bit and instead characterized things a bit differently, clarifying that the nature of the comment actually was about communication, not about progress.

“We’re very close in our conversation and exchanging our process through this,’’ Carroll said, via a Seattle Times report. “The communication has been great.’’

Wilson, owed $1.5 million by the Seahawks in the last year of his rookie contract, obviously has earned a deal on par with other elite quarterbacks. But the negotiations between the parties have stalled at certain points. A recent report indicated the sides were “tens of millions apart” on terms.

A source reportedly told the Seattle Times that the team believes it can get Wilson signed to a long-term deal by the start of training camp in late July, but nothing that has transpired in the recent weeks and months has provided any indication that possibility will come to fruition.

Carroll praised Wilson for having the makeup to handle the pressure and stresses of the distractions while remaining focused on improving as a football player.

“I think as much as anybody can deal with it, Russell will,’’ he said. “We have talked a lot about the process of it and all that, the expectations. He’s had a great offseason. He has looked incredibly in shape and faster than ever and all that. He’s worked great on the field when he’s been with us. He’s really set his mind to it. The proof is in the action he can put out there. He’s on it.

“So hopefully we get something done. But if we don’t, we’ll just have to deal with it.’’

Wilson, meanwhile, missed the first day of OTAs this week. But it wasn’t over the contract impasse, but instead to attend a funeral in support of new teammate Jimmy Graham.

As far as the seemingly stalled contract talks, Wilson recently fired off cryptic tweets about a perceived “lack of gratefulness & respect.”

Whether the parties can arrive at a mutually satisfactory deal before training camp or not, one thing is certain: Wilson is going to be paid handsomely, whether a contract is signed before this coming season or at some point down the road.

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