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Nick Kyrgios has sex before tourneys, but won’t ‘mess with any tennis chicks’


Nick Kyrgios, a 20-year-old rising star in the world of tennis from Australia, is remarkably outspoken, even cocky. So perhaps his comments during a recent magazine interview about his apparently active sex life while on tour shouldn’t be all that surprising.

When asked about if he chooses to abstain from sexual activity ahead of matches to maintain a competitive edge, Kyrgios is quoted in the latest issue of GQ Australia that it is simply not in his nature.

“I don’t abide by that rule,” he said, via the New York Post. “I don’t abide by that at all.”

The world’s top-ranked male Australian player has no qualms about speaking his mind, either.

“I say what I think. People are so conscious of saying the right thing in front of the media that they hid how they truly feel,
he said. “If I don’t agree with something, or think there’s a chance to say something funny, then I’m gonna say it.”

Kyrgios last year was linked to women’s tennis star Victoria Azarenka but he insists that getting involved with fellow players is a bad idea due to how quickly gossip can spread about such dalliances.

“I won’t say any (names), but mate, a lot goes on. What happens on tour gets around fast, so you have to be careful,” he cautioned. “That’s why I don’t mess with any tennis chicks.”

Given he referred to women’s players as “tennis chicks,” there’s a remote possibility he won’t have to worry about any future hookups with any of them.

(image credit: The Guardian)