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Report: Russell Wilson skips OTA to attend funeral with Jimmy Graham


The news that Russell Wilson would be absent from the Seattle Seahawks OTA session on Tuesday may not be as significant as many would suspect as sources tell Pro Football Talk that the quarterback’s absence doesn’t have anything to do with protracted contract negotiations but a much nobler reason entirely.

A league source reportedly informed PFT that Wilson is attending a funeral in Miami with new teammate Jimmy Graham.

Tamara Meyerson, Graham’s longtime manager and mentor, passed away last week at 45. Her obituary notes the most important people in her life were her three children and Graham.

“Tammy loved and mentored Jimmy Graham as a son,” the obituary read. “They were all always the number one priority in her life.”

While a player’s absence from Organized Team Activities when engaged with protracted contract negotiations can be viewed as a bad sign, by all appearances Wilson’s absence on Tuesday may be nothing more than a leader showing support for a grieving teammate.

If Wilson continues to skip out on OTAs in the future, however, that should be considered a troubling sign regarding how far apart — “10s of millions,” apparently — the parties are in working out a new deal, as report after report over the past few months has indicated little to no progress has been made in signing Wilson to a long-term contract. He’s already been firing off cryptic tweets about “lack of gratefulness and respect,” missing OTAs obviously would pass along a stronger message.