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D’Angelo Russell’s Charles Barkley-like swing yields one-yard drive (video)


D’Angelo Russell obviously is an incredibly talented basketball player — the Ohio State Buckeyes product in all likelihood be one of the first five players taken in the 2015 NBA Draft — but when it comes to the difficult game of golf, his skills (or lack thereof) are downright Charles Barkley-ian.

Russell recently attempted to drive a ball off a tee. The first attempt was a complete whiff. On the second try, Russell did manage to make contact with the ball, but somehow only managed to get the ball to travel one yard, if that.

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Yikes. While a poor swing indeed, Russell at least can take solace that his swing isn’t as bad as the nightmare that is motocross/supercross star James “Bubba” Stewart’s swing, if we can call it that.

Seriously, the average golfer could set a ball up on a tee 100 times and try to miss badly and still fail to hit a drive that poorly. That obviously isn’t an encouraging sign for Russell’s prospects at demonstrating competency on the course with his soon-to-be NBA teammates during the offseason. But he still has plenty of time to work on his swing. After all, just look at steadfast dedication to the craft has done for Barkley’s golf game.

On second thought, scratch that.

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