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Randy Watson approves? Pirates mistakenly offer fans a ‘sexual’ donut (pic)


The Pittsburgh Pirates had nothing but the best intentions in mind when a post to its Instagram account announced Friday morning that the team’s fans were in line for some free tickets and a special Pirates-themed donut if they dropped by an area Dunkin’ Donuts.

Something, obviously, went awry, as instead of the message indicating a free pastry was to be had, the donut was “sexual” in nature, whatever that means. Actually, there’s no point contemplating that too much.

“Today from 11:30am to 12:30pm stop by Wexford Dunkin Donuts (11175 Perry Highway) drive thru for free Bucs tix and a sexual Pirates donut!”

The post was almost immediately pulled, but not before some Internet wisenheimer took a screen shot for online perpetuity and passed it along to Deadspin. The safe assumption that an autocorrect changed “special,” to “sexual,” much to our collective, snarky glee.

One question arise, though: Is a sexual donut anything like sexual chocolate? If so, Mr. Randy … Watson would be interested.