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Kobe Bryant tries to solve riddle of defending Stephen Curry


Figuring out how to stop Stephen Curry when his offensive game is humming and his jump shot is clicking is like trying to unravel a mystery wrapped inside a conundrum knotted up in an enigma.

Kobe Bryant, a mere spectator to the NBA Playoffs — as the Los Angeles Lakers have been the past two seasons — nevertheless has his finger on the pulse of the postseason and took to Twitter to attempt to articulate the puzzling, practically impossible task of guarding the sharpshooting Golden State Warriors superstar. In essence, Bryant’s comments indicate it’s a riddle impossible to solve.


Curry is coming off a 33-point night in the Warriors’ thrilling 99-98 victory over the Houston Rockets in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, a game in which he shot 61 percent from the field and 45 percent from the three-point range. As documented by UPROXX in GIF form, many of Curry’s shots are step-back, off-balance shots, the kind of attempts defenses hope to force players into taking.

The problem is, those kind of shots are right in Curry’s wheelhouse, meaning he’s almost impossible to defend. His already-formidable offensive productivity actually has improved in the postseason, averaging 5.3 more points per game (albeit with an obviously smaller sample size), and all this coming after winning a deserved MVP award.

Still, as Bryant put it, it’s a #curryriddle, indeed.

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