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Bud Grant, promoting garage sale, cracks Deflategate joke on Twitter (pic)


Legendary former Minnesota Vikings head coach Bud Grant recently joined Twitter and the primary reason was to promote his incredible garage sale — the 11th one — where he is selling off loads of NFL memorabilia he accumulated throughout his storied career.

While a relative Twitter neophyte, Grant apparently has become so social media savvy that he recognized the low hanging fruit that is an easy Deflategate joke.

Posting a photograph of some autographed Vikings footballs, Grant made a joke at the New England Patriots’ expense.

As you can see, not only did Mr. Grant add #psi and #deflator hashtags to his tweet, the sticky note attached to the balls — priced at $125 a pop — reads, “THESE BALLS ARE NOT FROM NEW ENGLAND (AIR PUMP BROKEN).” Even better, a frowny face was added.

To think that the 88-year-old Grant (who celebrated his birthday Wednesday, the day the garage sale opened) is the person actually writing the tweets may be a stretch — it’s reasonable to assume it’s one of his grandchildren — the notion that a Hall of Fame coach in his later years might be using Deflategate as comedic fodder on Twitter to move product at a garage sale is just great.

Grant — or whoever — has been tweeting images all week of the amazing football memorabilia — as well as hunting gear and wildlife-related items (Grant is an avid outdoorsman) — available at the garage sale being in Bloomington, Minn., which ends Friday. A sampling:

Seeing the beloved and revered Minnesota icon holding court while Vikings fans marvel at being in his presence truly is a sight to see. But the following tweet may be the best of his recent social media activity.

Ha. Just the kind of stern, no-nonsense talk one would expect from an old school coach. Some things never change. And that’s a reassuring thought.

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