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Tiger Woods’ on-course cursing has drawn 15 FCC complaints since 2011

Tiger Woods has deservedly developed an unsavory reputation of having quite the foul mouth on the course whenever something goes awry during a round. A recent report indicates that the golfer’s potty mouth has garnered a majority of complaints submitted to the FCC from offended viewers of broadcasts of tournaments aired on CBS, NBC, Golf Channel and ESPN.

According to a report, Woods’ on-course cursing has drawn 15 of the 22 complaints filed with the Federal Communications Commission since 2011, which amounts to a nearly 70 percent clip.

A sampling of the complaints, courtesy of records obtained by from the FCC:

After the 2011 Masters a viewer from Devine, Tex., wrote the FCC to complain that Woods had used a “profane 4 letter word” during the CBS telecast, adding that “Bobby Jones is turning over in his grave.”

A year later a woman from Vancouver, Wash., took long-winded umbrage with Woods’s word choice during the second-round coverage of the 2012 Masters on ESPN: “On Good Friday while my husband was watching the Masters Golf Tournament all of a sudden the living room is filled with a person swearing using the Lord’s name in vain — and damning …This is unacceptable. When watching a sports program we should be free from vile insulting assaults like this one issued by Tiger Woods when he was unhappy with his golf drive.”

Woods obviously is a fierce competitor who puts nearly absurd demands on himself in a quest for perfection. He also can swear like a sailor, creating a toxic combination that often results in Woods unleashing a flurry of f-bombs or some other variation on the dreaded four-letter word.

And yet, as noted in the report, there is a greater interest in Woods than any other golfer, meaning his rounds are covered far more extensively during broadcasts. This of course translates into an environment where it is much more likely that if and when he peppers his play with some salty language — although he’s not the only golfer ever to get caught doing so — there is going to a cameraman and a microphone somewhere nearby.

Still, to be responsible for more than two-thirds of the complaints submitted to the FCC is quite a staggering statistic. In fact, his dominance of FCC complaints rivals what he was doing on Tour when he was at the top of his game.