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Stephen Curry doesn’t understand controversy involving his daughter (video)


A surprising controversy erupted earlier this week when Stephen Curry brought along his two-year-old daughter Riley to the podium with him following the Golden State Warriors’ win over the Houston Rockets in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals.

Riley’s appearance was deemed preciously charming by most people — “You’re being too loud, hush up!” she adorably told her dad — save for a couple of sportswriters who lambasted the practice of players bringing their children to pressers, who were roundly hammered for expressing their views.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and Star-News Online’s Brett Friedlander argued that children should not be allowed at post-game pressers, as it interferes with their ability to do their jobs.


The respective but similar opinions of the two journalists, for the most part, were deemed wholly unpopular, and both were roundly criticized for their grumpy take on the situation, although some have agreed with them, including Charles Barkley.

Curry seemed taken aback by the criticism and controversy caused by a seemingly innocuous decision to have his daughter tag along — especially given he certainly isn’t the first athlete to do so.

“Steph Curry had not heard nor did he understand why there would be any criticism of him bringing the kiddo to the podium,” wrote CBS Sports’ Matt Moore on Twitter.

It appears Curry has the NBA’s support as well. In a video published by the league entitled, “Proud Father, Steph Curry,” the Warriors superstar expresses heartfelt thoughts about his little girl.

“I’m blessed to have a healthy baby that brings so much personality and spark to our family,” he says.

It’s difficult to imagine anyone having a problem with that heartwarming sentiment. And still, it’s unlikely we have heard the last of sportswriters bemoaning the practice. Some may call them nattering nabobs of negativity for doing so, and others will agree. Quite the conundrum.

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