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Hershey’s providing Nationals chocolate syrup for victory celebrations


The Washington Nationals have been putting an interesting — albeit sticky — spin on the custom of assaulting a game hero with some kind of barrage during his postgame interview. Typically, it used to involve dumping a big jug of water or sports drink — or even the good old shaving cream pie — but the Nationals have kicked it up a notch with slathering a teammate with a downpour of chocolate syrup.

The folks at Hershey’s have noticed and in a bid to make sure the team never runs short on the sweet stuff — not to mention pulling off a great PR move — the company is sending the Nationals a supply of chocolate syrup … 108 bottles to be exact, which amounts to 200 pounds of the dessert topping. The impending shipment is on top of the 24 bottles Hershey’s provided the team last week.

Hershey’s spokesperson Anna Lingeris told that upon seeing what occurred after Ryan Zimmerman’s walk-off home run against the New York Yankees earlier this week, the company saw a great opportunity.

“We started to notice what they were doing last week,” she said. “And then this morning, we saw Ryan Zimmerman and we said, ‘We have to send more.’ We want to make sure there’s always enough for them.”

The madman behind the mess is pitcher Max Scherzer, who first poured chocolate syrup all over teammate Dan Uggla following a game last month.

“You know, what’s your favorite ice cream topping?” Scherzer previously explained. “Chocolate syrup. It tops it all off. So when you have a great win, and you have a walk-off win, let’s top it off with the best topping there is: chocolate syrup.”

Now that it has turned into something of a big story, Scherzer explained the practice further earlier this week.

“Oh, it was just something to top off a good win … .It’s better than a pie in your face,” he argued.

D.C. Sports Bog has a great rundown on the chocolate syrup celebration, but the following quote summarizes things nicely.

“Whoever is getting it done to them needs to hop right in the shower and make sure they get that Head & Shoulders,” outfielder Denard Span observed.

Sounds like a another great — and easy — marketing opportunity for a company.