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Shirts referring to Brad Ausmus as ‘dreamy’ appear in Tigers clubhouse (pic)


Detroit Tigers skipper Brad Ausmus widely is viewed as one of the better-looking managers in baseball, if not the handsomest.  And it appears there’s a member of the Tigers who believes he’s all that and more, as t-shirts mysteriously appeared in the team’s clubhouse that bore an image of Ausmus along with the word, “Dreamy,” spelled with the patented Olde English D.


No one as of Thursday has claimed responsibility for the shirt poking fun at Ausmus’ good looks, but the manager believes he may know the identity of the culprit.

Two of the presumed suspects — reliever Joba Chamberlain (who was behind last season’s Zubaz bit) and hitting coach Wally Joyner — have been cleared of responsibility. That leaves catcher Alex Avila, who is on the disabled list and presumably has plenty of spare time to pull off such a stunt, as the likely person responsible for the shirts … or at least that’s how Ausmus sees it.

“I think it was Alex. That’s my guess,” he said, via “He has free time. He boldly walked into the room wearing it in front of me. So I assume that’s his way of bragging.”

Several other players have been spotted rocking the shirt, which should come as no surprise since nearly every player was provided one. And Ausmus is hedging his bets it was Avila behind it all.

“I’ve got a feeling,” he said. “But I really didn’t do an investigation into it. I wasn’t overly concerned.”

When asked if he would ever consider donning a “Dreamy” shirt, Ausmus indicated he would never say never to it.

“If it starts a winning streak, I’ll wear one,” he quipped.

Ausmus seems to be maintaining a healthy sense of humor about the entire thing. Although, let’s be honest, there are far worse things than being made fun for being considered so darn good-looking. It must be tough to be the Lank Thompson of big league managers.

[H/T Big League Stew, shirt image via Big Water Apparel (where the shirt is available for purchase)]