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Seahawks GM reportedly made sarcastic crack to Ryan Tannehill’s agent


The news that Ryan Tannehill signed a six-year extension with the Miami Dolphins to the tune of a whopping $96 million — with a reported $46 million guaranteed — obviously raises the bar for quarterback salaries in the NFL, particularly those in the upper echelon angling for a new deal.

Arguably the quarterback with the most to gain — and the team with the most to lose — are Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks, as the two parties currently are embroiled in what appears to be turning into a complicated, if not contentious negotiation.

According to ESPN NFL Nation’s James Walker, Seahawks general manager John Schneider put Tannehill’s representation on notice that he didn’t much appreciate how things played out with the Dolphins and the quarterback.

Walker reports on Twitter that Tannehill’s agent, Pat Dye, indicated Schneider called him and said, “Congrats, you just cost me a lot of money.”

That’s probably a monumental understatement. With rumors out of Seattle indicating that Wilson and the Seahawks — already reportedly at an impasse — are “tens of millions apart” in contract terms, the $96 million deal given to Tannehill definitely makes any contract the Seahawks offer their franchise quarterback in that range — if not a notch above that — that much more of an insult than a reasonable deal.

After all, only Drew Brees ($20.0), Peyton Manning ($19.2), Aaron Rodgers ($18.7) and Tony Romo ($17.1) will be make more annually than Tannehill ($16 million). And let’s be honest, Wilson has a far greater pedigree and has accomplished substantially more than Tannehill. Wilson arguably has a much higher ceiling than Tannehill as well.

It almost makes a person involved in negotiations with Wilson want to fire off a sarcastic compliment to the person responsible for putting him behind the proverbial 8-ball. A situation made all the more dire given Wilson has taken to firing off seemingly embittered tweets about a perceived “lack of gratefulness & respect.”

Schneider just might be kicking himself right now for not getting a deal done with Wilson sooner.

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