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Le’Veon Bell on mindset day of DUI/pot bust: ‘I wasn’t thinking much at all’


Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell recently sat down for an interview during which he discussed his arrest last August for driving under the influence and marijuana possession that resulted in a three-game suspension that the NFL levied on him in April.

When describing his mindset when he got behind the wheel on that day, Bell was perfectly blunt (no pun intended) while indicating he’s using the incident as a learning experience.

“Well, I wasn’t thinking much at all. Obviously, I made a mistake,” Bell told Josina Anderson in an interview for ESPN the Magazine’s June 8 issue. “I apologized to my teammates, my coaches, the Steelers organization, the fans … Now I’m just ready to put it all behind me. I’m a better man for it, and I’m going to be a better football player for it.”

Given the nature of the charges — Bell was arrested traveling to the airport for a team flight to a preseason game along with then-teammate LaGarrette Blount — he was asked about the NFL’s policy towards marijuana, which many have argued is somewhat draconian in nature.

“That’s not for me to say. I’m just a player; I’ve got to abide by the rules,” he said. “I feel like, in about 10 years, it’s going to be kind of legal everywhere. But if you’re playing in the NFL and they say you can’t do it, just like steroids or any PED, you’re not going to be able to do it.”

Bell also stressed in the interview that he is focused upon avoiding any potential pitfalls — “performance-enhancing drugs, marijuana, alcohol, women,” he puts it — that could jeopardize his future in the league.

“Marijuana is not an important thing for me,” he said. “It’s something I easily can set by. If I wanted to do it later on down my life, I’ll enjoy it later on.”

When asked about how some players praise the medicinal qualities of marijuana, Bell indicated that it’s more about recreational use.

“The benefits? I don’t think it’s a benefit,” he said. “If you do it, it’s because you enjoy it.”

And it’s an enjoying aside Bell apparently is willing to forgo … at least for now.