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Cubs fans’ personalized bricks show up in landfill due to Wrigley renovation


The Chicago Cubs are facing a PR issue in the wake of the news that personalized, engraved bricks that once lined streets outside Wrigley Field have shown up in a landfill as an apparently inadvertent consequence of the renovation historic ballpark, the Pontiac Daily Leader reports.

Fans reportedly typically paid around $160 to have their loyalty to the team memorialized on brick pavers beginning in 2006 that the team indicated would be “permanent fixtures” outside of Wrigley Field.

Carrie Muskat, a Cubs blogger for, published a letter mailed to fans last November from Wrigley Field Paver Program that assured them the bricks would be preserved.

“We are taking great care to preserve and protect your paver as work continues in and around the ballpark,” the Wrigley Field Paver Program letter said. “As part of this process, your paver may need to be moved and will not be accessible during this offseason. We will provide you with an update closer to Opening Day.”

But when the bricks began to appear around Pontiac, Ill., presumably from a nearby landfill, controversy soon followed.

The Cubs appeared to acknowledge the organization was aware of a potential issues in a letter dated March 31 from two Cubs executives that read in part:

“While some Wrigley Field personalized pavers have already been removed on the ongoing construction, there are also some that have remained in the same location and will be accessible during the 2015 season,” it read. “It was determined the best long-term solution and location for the pavers is outside the Budweiser Bleachers on Sheffield and Waveland.

 “Our plan is to replace and relocate all personalized pavers following the 2015 season. We anticipate the new pavers will be in place by Opening Day 2016. The original pavers will not be available for distribution and we will communicate specific locations once the design lays are finalized with those personalized pavers.”

An email sent to Cubs Vice President of Communications and Community Affairs Julian Green by the Pontiac Daily Leader was not immediately returned. It certainly appears that the Cubs brass are doing what they can to make things right by fans who purchased the pavers, but how things have played out certainly isn’t the greatest look for the team.

(image via Paul Lukas/Twitter)