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Colts punter: If Tannehill deserves $96M, Luck is ‘about to own a team’


Conventional wisdom says that if the Miami Dolphins are willing to pony up $96 million for a quarterback of the pedigree of Ryan Tanehill — a decent signal-caller in his own right — the Indianapolis Colts might as well back up a Brink’s truck to Andrew Luck’s front door. Or, the way Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee sees it, team owner Jim Irsay might as well just hand over the organization to the young quarterback.

McAfee, something of a unique personality,  took to Twitter to articulate his thoughts about the relative worth between Tannehill and his team’s quarterback.

That’s some pretty high praise right there. Although McAfee may still be feeling guilty over very nearly — albeit inadvertently — tweeting a photograph of a nude Andrew Luck in 2014.

As noted by Eye on Football, McAfee’s numbers may be a little off — Tannehill’s win-loss record actually is 23-25 — the massive contract the Dolphins quarterback signed this week not only raised the bar for quarterbacks like Andrew Luck, it darn near strapped it to a rocket and blasted it into outer space.

As it stands right now, Luck is playing out the string of his rookie deal and will earn a base salary of $3.4 million next season. If the Colts do nothing — and there’s no indication the team is doing anything about Luck’s contract at the moment — their franchise quarterback’s salary increases exponentially in 2016, up to $16.155 million.

Actually, given Tannehill’s deal, that salary is actually a downright bargain.