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Minor league team rolling out the Frankenslice, a hot dog-stuffed pizza (pic)


Just when we thought gonzo concession offerings at America’s ballparks couldn’t get more absurd, the Fresno Grizzlies — the Triple-A affiliate of the Houston Astros — come along and not only shatter that notion, but figure out a way to revolutionize pizza as we know it … albeit perhaps not in a positive way.

For the team’s May 21 game, fans will be able to feast upon something called the Frankenslice as part of the team’s “Halfway II Halloween” promotion, which will feature players playing the game while rocking blood-spattered jerseys.


With that disturbing visual out of the way … but wait, there’s more — let’s move on to a closer look at the Frankenslice.


Simply put, it’s a pizza with hot dogs crammed into its crust. It gives a whole new meaning to the term “stuffed crust pizza” … albeit perhaps not in a positive way (again).

In a sense, the Frankenslice resembles a pizza with its outside crust replaced with Crescent Dogs. So, that’s something. But let’s put it this way, it’s no Fried S’mOreo, that’s for sure.

It appears that the name, besides having a Halloween tone, is a combination of “Frank” (for hot dog) and “slice” (as a nod to pizza). Pretty clever stuff. How it tastes, however, is another story altogether. Perhaps hot dogs and pizza are a dream match and folks will wonder from this point forward why no one thought of this before (if in fact that is the case).

Then again, perhaps folks, after sampling the Frankenslice, instead will understand all too well exactly why no one thought of this before.

[H/T Eye on Baseball, image via Fresno Grizzlies/Twitter]