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Josh Donaldson unleashes profanity, obscene gesture on Angels (video)


An ugly scene ensued during Monday’s Toronto Blue Jays-Los Angeles Angels tilt at Rogers Centre when Josh Donaldson had issues with the Angels’ dugout and unleashed a crude comment and provided an exclamation point of sorts courtesy of an obscene gesture.

Things began with a terse exchange between the Blue Jays third baseman and Angels pitching coach Mike Butcher during Donaldson’s at-bat during the sixth inning. It was beginning to escalate to such a degree that home plate umpire Manny Gonzalez attempted to run some interference between the two.

Donaldson was ultimately retired on a strikeout by Mike Morin, but the drama did not end there.

Cameras captured Donaldson unleashing a vulgar tirade and directing an obscene gesture at the Angels’ dugout after he returned to Toronto’s bench, an outburst that is relatively NSFW.

After Toronto’s 10-6 victory, Donaldson, who played a handful of seasons with the the Oakland A’s so is familiar with theĀ  Angels, attempted to downplay the in-game outburst.

“I’m not here to try to bad mouth,” Donaldson said, via “People saw what happened. I played against these guys for a long time. They know the competitor that I am, and I think we just kind of got caught up in the heat of the moment.”

Butcher, meanwhile, who’s jawing with Donaldson during the at-bat seemed to escalate matters, claimed to be dumbfounded over how everything played out and then proceeded to take a shot at Donaldson’s character.

“Nobody was talking him to him at first,” Butcher said. “Literally, I was just sitting there at first and he started cursing, yelling back. He went back to the dugout. I guess he was trying to get somebody’s attention [and] asked the coach next to him, ‘Who’s that?’ They told him who it was, and he said his profanities and made a classless gesture. I guess that’s just part of what he is.”

Given Butcher’s comments, there’s a good chance the war of words may not quite be finished between the two, especially when the Angels have three more games against Donaldson’s Blue Jays this week.