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Did female Royals fan ask a kid for souvenir ball she gave to him? (vid)


A female Kansas City Royals fan played the role of thoughtful hero when she was caught on video tossing a souvenir ball to a youngster after Eric Hosmer tossed it to her between innings during Friday’s game against the New York Yankees. But subsequent footage shortly afterward appeared to show the woman, identified as Anna Burbridge, regretting her act of generosity, as she appears to say, “Give me my ball back” to the benefactor of her kind gesture. notes that this is the very same woman who was victimized three years ago by another kid when she had every reason to believe she was about to become the recipient of a souvenir ball while seated in the Kauffman Stadium stands. Instead, said youngster jumped in front of her and snagged the ball being tossed her way.

In other words, from her understandably embittered perspective, turnabout is fair play, even if it wasn’t the same kid who thwarted her bid for a souvenir all those years ago.

Burbridge originally was credited for her seemingly thoughtful gesture when she was interviewed in the stands.

But now we know how things may have actually played out, as we may never learn if Burbridge was successful in her attempts to get her ball back.

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