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DeAndre Levy wasn’t scared during plane walk because he’s not ‘chicken-s**t’


Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy made some news a few months ago when footage surfaced of him taking a walk out onto a wing of a biplane high above a body of water.

When asked how one conjures up the intestinal fortitude to attempt such a risky, death-defying stunt and not be afraid, Levy provided a pretty blunt response.

“Not at all,” he said, per a Detroit Free-Press report. “If you’re chicken (excrement). Not at all. Are you kidding me?”

Levy is developing a reputation as something of a risk-taker during his offseason escapades. He once even slid down an active volcano, among other adrenaline-pumping antics.

The infamous wing-walking escapade occurred in March outside of Seattle, Wash. Levy remained on the plane’s wing for about 20 minutes — he was somewhat harnessed to the aircraft, but still … crazy.

The only thing Levy is worried about when it comes to his risky endeavors is that he may never be able to top the thrill of his wing walk.

“Nothing will top it,” he said. “That’s what I’m scared about. I feel like that was the pinnacle of my excitement and thrills. But something new always comes up, so we’ll see.”

Levy explains partaking in such potentially dangerous activities is the only way he can get a rush.

“I mean, people think sitting by a pool is fun,” he said. “It’s not fun to me.”

How about bowling? As George Costanza once said to Tony, Elaine’s “mimbo” adrenaline junkie: “Bowling is insane! Bowling is crazy time!”

Yeah, Levy, like Tony, probably couldn’t envision getting a rush off bowling. Perhaps we best just step off.